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Here at netCaradorf, we offer a variety of coaching services to help you achieve in different areas within your life. We can provide assistance in the identification of values, strengths, and abilities to empower personal and professional goals.

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Maybe you have an idea of what you want to be, but don't know  how, or what to do, to get there? With highly experienced counsellors, we can happily support your path to success through our career development program. You'll receive much needed support, helping you get to where you want to be in the future.. from where you are, right NOW.

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Our early intervention program is designed to give support and apply an holistic approach to families with these struggles.
Coming to terms and finding amicable ways of resolving issues is extremely important in all families. This program is designed for families with teenage children from the ages between thirteen to nineteen.

Families with children below the age of fifteen can access this service at no cost for a maximum two hours of counselling per month. (Strict terms & conditions apply).

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Let our experienced life coaches and counsellors help you today. With PROVEN track records, we tailor our coaching to your exact needs - We give you the confidence, and the ability to achieve positive progress in any area of your life where you crave change. We identify personally meaningful goals, and help you set up effective strategies to achieve them.

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The success of any organisation is always directly related to the ability of its staff. We run varying corporate services.

We are currently running our 2-day program "Conversations that Matter". Using "iceberg" principles, we empower your workplace managers and team leaders, to not only identify underlying factors that affect workplace performance, but to also understand staff better and enrich the workplace with better relationships and healthy engagement. Completion certificates are included.