Early Intervention: What is it?

Today, we will be talking about early intervention.

Often people think early intervention has to only do with children but not realising that early intervention could be applied in any situation, in any person's life, regardless of age.

By way of definition, "early intervention" refers to doing things as early as possible, taking proactive steps as early as possible, which could relate to a child's development or behavior,  academic performance,  career progression,  health, relational,  financials and otherwise. 

Why is early intervention important? There are two approaches to the importance of early intervention:

1. To take proactive steps to prevent the occurrence of a devastating situation.
2. To plan ahead where a devastating situation had already occurred.

Our early intervention program is design to address the following:

  • Marriages 

  • University students 

  • HSC students 

  • People in the work force

  • Parenting 

  • SME's 

  • Drug and alcohol issues

  • Addiction in general 

Our early intervention program offers a 2 hours free monthly counselling to families with children 15 years of age and below. (Terms & conditions apply)

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss this program, otherwise if you'd like to read more, check out some further reading:

Why career counselling is more valuable than ever before

Jobs are rapidly changing all the time and very fast. Jobs have emerged that didn't exist before. Days are gone when we talk about career counselling,  people think back to their school days when a career guidance or counsellor would say to them, you should do this job or that job. But career counselling is far broader than that.

Career counselling entails much more than merely choosing a job and possibly sticking to that job till retirement.

Career counselling is not just about choosing a job, also its about exploring other applicable options in relation to choosing an appropriate career. Change is the only constant in life, advancemen in tech, change in lifestyle,  increase in diseases,  economical changes,  changes in government policies, all these changes has contributed to career counselling becoming more valuable now ever before.

Change is the new normal. that being said, career counsellors must do their work in such a way that their clients becomes career adaptable and employable.  It is important that students and even those already in the workforce acquires those skills that will help them remain competitive in times of change.

Another reason why career counselling is more valuable now than before is that it applies a holistic approach in exploring the right course to study, the right academic institution to study at, choosing the right job, career change  and even beyond. 

Also bear in mind that career counselling is just not for only students,  career counsellor is as well important to those well in their work life, even tradies,  business persons, self-employed,  entrepreneurs.

Here at netCaradorf,  our career counselling includes:

  • Personality profiling

  • Mentoring and coaching 

  • Course/qualification recommendations 

  • Independent skills analysis 

  • Resume writing/guidance 

  • Interview coaching

Life coaching is not weird

Today, I am glad to bring to you a meaningful insight to what life coaching is all about. Funny enough when we talk about life coaching, people think it's weird or it's something that anybody can do. Life coaching is beyond the mere understanding and perception of the public.

Life coaching involves assisting people to change themselves,  their career, work, family,  marriage or business. Life coaching is for everyone and anyone, it ranges from AFFECTING people's aspirations and ideals in addiction, to aiding them improve their means of being, thinking and steps. Coaching entails tough (not a walk in the park) and encouraging people in reaching greater quantities of efficiency and effectiveness while permitting them to create out the very best in themselves in an excellent manner and the ones around them.

With a well trained coach, you get personal assistance from someone who your best interest in mind. A coach is non-judgemental,  a creative person, good listener and communicator whose aim and purpose is to help you manage and enjoy your life.

Life coaching brings out the potential I  a people, be it individual,  couple, fami,y or corporate.  This process is done by emotionally connecting the client's inner purpose and passion to outer goals and strategies to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results.

Now if you have read this article to this point, you definitely need a life coach, why not quickly send us an email for a free 30 minute consultation.

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