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Informed Consent and Counselling Agreement


Professional Counselling Association of the ACT and NSW

Our staff are members of the Professional Counselling Association of the ACT and NSW (PCA)

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The Australian Counselling Association

Our staff are members of the Australian Counselling Association

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Client Testimonials

In accordance with regulatory and compliance standards in New South Wales, Australia, we have removed our client's names to protect their privacy.

"Caradorf is a highly intelligent and skilled individual who has always been a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Throughout my time knowing Caradorf, he has been a constant pillar of support with the challenges I have faced within my personal and professional life. His assistance has been vital in my personal growth and the development of my professional skillset to be in a position of achieving success. This assistance has been vital in the development of a drive in all aspects of my life. I am currently achieving academic success and about to enter my dream profession.

Client - Blacktown

I had issues with my teenage son a few years ago and was totally lost and overwhelmed by the situation. A friend referred me to netCaradorf Consulting Services and they provided the much needed support. To my great surprise, they were very professional in maintaining confidentiality of my situation, the counsellor worked with me and my son in resolving the differences.  I personally would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.

Client - Liverpool

I was 14 years old when my mum introduced me to Caradorf for career support, I wasn't doing well in school, neither was I confident of myself. After going through a career counselling program with netCaradorf Consulting, I got back to the level I want to be in my school life and I couldn't be happier now through the support of netCaradorf Consulting Services.

Client - Liverpool

Caradorf is a dynamic counsellor with a wealth of knowledge. At first sight, I had my doubts but he didn't waste time to prove me wrong. He gave me the much needed support in my personal life and today I can boldly confess that I am grateful for his support. The after hour home visit in fact, was what got my attention. Now I am making good progress in my personal life. A big thank you to the team at netCaradorf!

Client - Cabramatta